37. We Can Do It!

Wearing: parka (H&M), plaid shirt (Adventure Line), linen shirt (Mag-George), skirt (Vera&Lucy), tights (marketplace), low-cut boots (HUB).

I've got exams this week. My schedule was send by internet to me and after a quick glance, I went to bed, reassured that I didn't have to be at school before 10 o'clock. Today I woke up around half past 8 and ate my breakfast relaxed, with still my pyjamas on. Around 9 o'clock I get a phone call from my school, with the teacher worrying why I haven't shown up for my first test! Oh my god. So I had to be quick, quick, quick! I even forgot to brush my teeth properly.
But okay, I wrote my English test. I actually think that I did very well! So much for a quiet morning...
As you can see, my beautiful hair is all gone short now. I decided to cut it short in Greece, half because of the weather and half because of an organisation I heard of, who makes hairpieces out of real hair for children that have lost theirs because of cancer. It was a good decision and I'm really proud of it, but now I miss my hair! Long, warm and thick... I even miss the times when my hair got stuck in my bag or when it got all in my plate during a meal. Sigh. My hair grows really fast though. So maybe it will be back in a year.
The boots you see are the most expensive boots I've ever bought. 115,- EUR that is. And I love them so much!
oxox me

PS. If you also want to donate your hair to this organisation and you live in the Netherlands, go to Stichting Haarwensen and learn more!
PSS. I will not post other things this week, because of the exams. I decided I'm going to learn!

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