38. Awful soup on my duffel coat!

Wearing: duffel coat (Gloverall), wrist warmers (H&M), baggy trousers (Biaggini), sneakers (Vans), scarf (made by my grandmother).
My last school day before the one-week-lasting autumn holidays sucked. I had to wake up early, not fully recovered from the previous field trip to Rotterdam. It was really cold outside. I would finally hear the results of my exam week, which probably wouldn't be very good.
So I prepared myself properly, as if I had to participate in an expedition to the North Pole or something... I've always been a bit dramatic.
The trousers are a new find. My father was going to throw them away, but I begged and begged until he couldn't do otherwise than give them to me. My current love is menswear, including XXL shirts, trousers and jackets. It couldn't have been worse, since my hair is short and I feel that I look like an 16year old boy more than ever. The funny about these trousers is that the most worn part of it is where my father used to put his mobile!
My school day ended with awful soup...Bléééeeh!
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